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redefining social sustainability

what we do

At Hop Forward Consulting, we create powerful and personalized employee wellness programs for companies to not only exceed their organizational goals, but to provide harmony in the workplace, and to empower their employees.

We're talking about new levels of organizational health that starts at the root, with the individual. By focusing on the individual, we're able to transform the relationships that are held by a single employee, which then creates a ripple effect in an organization for a positive, and impactful change.

our mission

our vision

To redefine social sustainability through

root-cause business solutions.

By digging into the root causes of organizational issues, we're able to go beyond the surface level issues of a company, and provide long-lasting relief that not only decreases conflict, but increases harmony in the workplace, and productivity.

our purpose

We specialize in educating a new-generation of a post-pandemic global community on topics including workplace conflict resolution, healing and wellness, creative expression for functional, holistic, and sustainable business solutions.

Check out our featured program, Transcending Trauma


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