• Natalia Fernandez

In 2022, how do we create a better space for our employees?

Updated: May 15

According to a recent Speak Out survey, 92% of people primarily experience harassment and bullying at work. Due to the nature of work today in this post-pandemic society, 47% experience this harassment and bullying virtually. So how do we create better spaces for our employees, even when we can't physically go into office to create change?

Well, it starts with consciousness. At Hop Forward Consulting, we use this term quite frequently, but it can surely have different meanings to individuals, if any at all. When we refer to consciousness, we mean one's self-awareness. Taking it a step further, it is this idea that we are all connected, and that when we act consciously, we act in alignment with our true selves. When we act in alignment, everything can feel like magic. Our conversations with other people are invigorating, we can think of solutions clearly, and we feel unstoppable, because now, we're doing things that truly serve ourselves, and that also happens to serve others as well. But how did we get from this happy flow state, to workplace harassment? How do we go from feeling like we're on top of the world, to crumbling under pressure?

Stress is the root cause of many unconscious behaviors and is also the reason as to why people have a low sense of self-awareness. And let's face it, we're not in particularly peaceful times. It's dangerous when people have this lack of self-awareness and high amounts of stress in their lives, because they often cause pain to others, and don't give themselves the space to grow, and detach from their own pained bodies. There are many ways to intentionally increase self-awareness, and one excellent way to do this is through meditation. There are many forms of meditation, and it's up to you to decide what works best to meet your desired outcomes. The reason as to why we chose Transcendental Meditation as the featured technology in the Transcending Trauma Program, is because it has the potential to completely transform lives, and more than that, at its base, it reduces stress and relieves anxiety. When our bodies aren't focused on stress, it has time to focus on other aspects of our well-being, which includes self-awareness.



A way in which companies can create better spaces for their employees is by really getting people-centric. As up and coming ESG standards begin to be adopted by companies all over the world, you might ask yourself how is your organization providing its employees with cutting-edge technologies and resources to be the best versions of themselves? An organization might have water and carbon consumption reduced tremendously, but what about taking a deeper look as to the sustainability practices within their workforce? What are the deciding factors as to whether or not a person flourishes or leaves the company within 6 months? By understanding an employee's issues, and having them feel heard and understood, you have the potential to not only dramatically improve your workplace environment, but to do work that has a defined purpose, and attract talent that has an authentic interest in seeing the business prosper.

As our

roots as an organization are in the brewing industry, we recognize how hostile work environments can severely impact an individual, and create a host of issues inside an company. At Hop Forward Consulting, we believe that everyone is innately good, however, we call upon organizations to hold their bad actors accountable, and to raise their standards so that collectively, we do not continue business as usual. What is extremely important during these times of uncovering hard, and uncomfortable truths, is getting rid of those blockages of stress and other diseases in the body in order to create conscious behavior and flourishing workplaces.

If you're ready to take your organization to the next level, consider enrolling in our signature program, Transcending Trauma. There's a lot of hurt in this world, and you have the power to alleviate the hurt that many people in your company are facing today, including your own.

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