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signature programs

Our programs are designed and tailored for customers like you. Our people-centered, holistic consulting approach creates one-of-a-kind solutions that we're sure you'll love.

conscious brand & design development

A recent study found that "more than 9 in 10 millennials would switch brands to one associated with a cause"

A demand for purpose-driven products creates a demand for purpose-driven branding & marketing. With our combined brand and marketing experience of 25+ years, we provide conscious brand and design development for companies looking to launch a unique product that is entirely people-centric.

This offering is made-to-order, and is focused, but not exclusive to the beverage industry.

speaking engagements 

Looking to bring in industry leaders with a fresh perspective and a holistic mindset for your next event?

Meagen Anderson, co-founder and Executive Director of Hop Forward Consulting, has expertise in hops and cannabis sensory, non-alcoholic beverages, and training. She is passionate about living a zero-proof lifestyle and personal growth, sharing her story through speaking engagements and trainings.”

Ready for transformational change?

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