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Hop Forward Consulting has always been about helping others, and by inspiring others to find their purpose in life through personal development, we've found fulfillment in our own lives!


Meagen & Natalia

Meet the Team

Meagen Anderson

Founder, Executive Director


Meagen Anderson founded Hop Forward as a way to share the blissful experience of discovering and developing one's Consciousness. In 2018 she discovered Transcendental Meditation. Soon after practicing TM, Meagen recovered her health and began to experience the benefits of being more resilient, balanced, and intentional. She was drawn to the functional application of the technologies of Consciousness in communities and organizations. Meagen is active in her growth, pursuing a MBA in Sustainable Business at the Maharishi International University in combination with Consciousness Consultant training with the esteemed Dr. Tony Nader, MD, PHD, MARR.

Meagen has experience in leadership, business development, and education through building teams, creating and hosting sensory education experiences, and crafting deep connections through beverage. Meagen has commercial expertise in cannabis, hops, brewing, craft beverage development, terpene sensory education, and a zero-proof lifestyle. She loves spending time with her two beautiful children and is grateful to be able to give them the gift of consciousness and help nurture their own creative expression. 

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Natalia Fernandez

Founder, Director of Sustainability and Development


Natalia Fernandez is an MBA and MA Candidate in Sustainable Business and Leadership and Workplace Conflict Resolution at the Maharishi International University (MIU). Her passion for sustainability brought her to the MBA program at MIU, and her love of people and purpose brought her to add on the MA as part of her studies. She is the founder of "period", a non-profit organization that inspires, informs, and shares stories of PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder). In addition, she is currently a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach Candidate with the Institute for Functional Medicine and the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. Natalia is passionate about helping others in their healing journey in the business space, and is excited to raise the collective level of consciousness with Hop Forward as their Director of Sustainability and Development.


Fun Fact: Natalia has lived in Denmark, Spain, Scotland, Indonesia, and Mauritius, and she is currently a digital nomad/solo female traveller. Stay tuned for her next adventure!

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