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 the transcending trauma program 

 healing from within 

program overview

The Transcending Trauma Program is an employee wellness and well-being program for companies to directly impact survivors of the #metoo movement within the brewing industry while simultaneously increasing awareness and accelerating personal development for their employees.

This program works towards the goal of normalizing well-being and mental health in the workplace.


There are two parts to this program:

Transcendental Meditation® Training and the Fast-Track-to-Bliss Program


Transcendental Meditation Training

Breweries sponsor survivors' (from Women of the Bevolution's Brave Voices Fund) training in

Transcendental Meditation (TM®) and also have their employees receive training in TM

with certified TM teachers so they can learn how to meditate properly.

Fast-Track-to-Bliss Program

In addition to improving the livelihoods of survivors, this 60-day program is designed to empower employees and help them thrive with the advanced technology of TM in their everyday life.

After 8 weeks of 6 themed follow-up sessions, and 2 personalized, awe-inspiring workshops, employees can experience less stress and anxiety, and an increase in creativity and productivity.

Employee participants also receive an artisan, hand crafted Bliss Box which includes

powerful, tangible tools that integrate into follow-up sessions for heightened impact. 


Ultimately, we help participants discover their inner truth, wisdom, intuition, and help them

on their journey back to themselves.

the goal of the transcending trauma program:
create conscious behavior
heal the mind & body
integrate knowledge
relieve stress

In 2021, the brewing industry had a wake-up call.

Thousands of women and non-binary individuals came forward with their truth of harrowing experiences of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment in an industry that they have called home for years.

The Transcending Trauma Program was created to help heal those suffering from sexual abuse, sexual assault, and sexual harassment while also providing companies the opportunity to prevent further unconscious behaviors, and to create work environments that foster innovation and welcome all. 


The Transcending Trauma Program will help your company solve the root-cause of this problem, and beyond that, create needed and positive change in the brewing industry.


why transcending trauma? 

At Hop Forward Consulting, we believe that while we all have trauma, we do not have to stay a victim of our past, and rather, we can transform this trauma into better knowing ourselves and creating the lives we want to live. 

 Our goal is to give your employees the tools to heal and to contribute to your organization's goals in a new and refined way. 

 the technique that provides long-lasting relief 

The Transcendental Meditation technique is a universal technique that brings a broad range of benefits to everyone.

Millions of individuals worldwide have learned the simple, effortless TM technique. 

 what is Transcendental Meditation? 

TM® is an effortless self-improvement technique that allows your mind to settle inward, beyond thinking, to experience pure awareness—the most silent and peaceful level of the mind, your innermost Self.

simple, natural, effortless technique practiced twice daily

practiced in a comfortable sitting with eyes closed

not a religion, philosophy, or lifestyle

founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

taught by certified teachers over 4 days, utilizing the TM Community app

over 6 million people have learned the practice

over 350 published research studies confirm the benefits

 *** trigger warning *** 
The video below discusses the topics of rape and sexual assault.


 survivors & TM 

This video is courtesy of the David Lynch Foundation

 our process 


evaluation ||

By conducting a holistic needs assessment, we will personally tailor solutions to meet your employees' needs.


immersion ||

Employees are introduced to the Transcendental Meditation technique by a certified TM teacher. This tool will effectively reduce stress and anxiety in your employees' lives, which has tremendous positive effects in and outside of the workplace.


integration ||

Knowledge is only as potent in practice. We provide personalized weekly sessions on a range of topics that will help support the overall well-being of your employees.


community creation||

Having peer support in your employees' journey is key. We facilitate virtual spaces that promote support-giving while also providing participants with opportunities to connect with likeminded individuals.

 in partnership with : 

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Transcendental Meditation® and TM® are protected trademarks and are used in the United States under license or with permission.
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